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Help tame your child's sweet tooth!

This week, we’re sharing an article to help parents who want to cut down on the amount of sugar their kids eat. It’s from the US, but as we share many of the same international food brands, NZ kids are likely to be getting through about the same amount of sugar. US kids aged 4 to 8 consume an average 50 pounds, or over 22kgs of sugar. All that sugar not only establishes unhealthy eating patterns, it affects their future health.

Kids naturally have a sweet tooth. They’re biologically programmed to prefer a higher level of sweetness than adults and that sugar craving doesn't start to ease up until the teenage years.

To help retrain young taste buds for a lifetime, the author has a great action plan for parents. She’s given plenty of tips on how to wean kids away from sugar-laden foods to nutritious alternatives, starting with some great low-sugar ideas for breakfast. It’s worth a read. Click here to read 


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