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Our Story

KidsHQ SuperMeals are made at Parnell Early Childhood Centre's commercial kitchen in Parnell, Auckland to recipes created by a Cordon Bleu-trained Chef.

Every week our Chef and kitchen team prepare KidsHQ SuperMeals, based on recipes that are proven hits with children at The Village Square Trust's centres 

KidsHQ SuperMeals are specially made to appeal to young children’s taste buds while still meeting all of their nutritional needs. With the addition of a little extra seasoning, KidsHQ Super Meals have also proved popular with adults and particularly with seniors.

KidsHQ SuperMeals packs are compostable and we bundle our orders in biodegradable bags.


The first KidsHQ SuperMeals were made available to parents of children at The Village Square Trust's in 2015 and quickly became a success. Thousands of meals have been sold since the range was offered for sale online in late 2015, and from three locations in 2016.

KidsHQ SuperMeals are produced by The Village Square Trust. The Village Square is a non-profit organisation and registered charity that provides services to the local community, including running Parnell Community Centre. The Trust operates solely in New Zealand and is New Zealand Owned.