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What Parents Say

"They’ve been awesome for us. As a working parent, I want to give Isabelle something better than toast and crackers. KidsHQ meals are quick to serve up and a good healthy option. They’re nutritious and there are lots of meal choices, including gluten and dairy free. Plus, they’re a great price! Isabelle loves them and I recommend them to all my friends!” – Diane


"I was sick of going to the supermarket and wasting money on meals my kids wouldn’t eat. Buying KidsHQ SuperMeals is easier. For $5 or $6.50 I can get something that they’ll eat and that’s healthy and nutritious.  It saves me time and money and the kids love their meals." - Monique


"I even eat them with the kids sometimes, they are delicious!"
- Parent

"I have on occasion taken leftovers for my lunch at work. Delicious!"
- Parent

"I love that (KidsHQ SuperMeals) are so convenient and healthy. Double bonus that my daughter eats the meals at the daycare and I'm able to ask her her preference and buy for her. They're so handy to have in the freezer, especially on those nights when we are short for time, like with an over-tired child who needs to be fed fast!  I love the product but overall I prefer to pay and pick up on the day. I just go and buy it directly from the office opposite the Parnell Library." - Parent 

"I've been giving my now 3 year-old daughter KidsHQ SuperMeals for over a year. She loves them and they are incredibly convenient, affordable, healthy and delicious! As a full time working mum, I don't always have the time, energy or inclination to cook especially if my husband and I decide to have something I know my daughter won't or can't eat. KidsHQ SuperMeals save me from having to make her a second meal,which she may or may not eat. Having something on hand that I know she will like and that is healthy for her, especially at the end of a long tiring day, makes life so much easier and more enjoyable for all of us. We can spend more quality time together rather than cooking and arguing over food all evening. Anyone with a toddler knows how precious that is! Thank you KidsHQ!" - Susan


"KidsHQ SuperMeals have honestly been our savior! As a busy mum of an energetic toddler, it is hard/time -consuming to cook nutritious meals that I know he will enjoy. SuperMeals take the guess work out of cooking as I know he loves the meals at daycare and it was no surprise he loved it when we started purchasing SuperMeals for his dinners at home. They are also good for those spontaneous visits to grandma's house and easy for her to prepare. What I enjoy the most about SuperMeals is that they select the finest and healthiest ingredients to use in her meals, and I know my son is getting a wide range of nutrients." - Helen