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How your kids benefit from being outside

This week on Chef Fern’s blog we are sharing an article discussing the importance of getting your kids outside during the summer holidays and although summer for us is coming to an end, there is still lots of sunshine to be enjoyed. This article was written by Shelby Gull Laird and Laura McFarland on the Australian website The Conversation and was shared by NZ Herald.


This generation of children spends much less time outdoors than previous generations, largely due to the increasing interest and availability of technology and electronic games. In 2013, the NZ Ministry of Health reported that almost half of two to four year olds engaged in more than the recommended maximum two hours per day of “screen time”. By the time our children reach the ages of 10 to 14, only 33% are meeting the recommended guideline.


Check out the “Five ways kids can benefit from being outside this summer break” article for a very interesting read exploring physical, immune system, cognitive, psychological and general wellbeing benefits of spending time outdoors. Click here to read the full article!

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